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Musetti SPA acquires Caffè Bonomi SPA

On November 26, 2020 Musetti SPA concluded the acquisition of Caffè Bonomi SPA.

With the acquisition of Caffè Bonomi we take a first important step in our growth project. In the last 5 years we have invested great resources to strengthen our structure and we strongly believe that Musetti has the industrial capabilities to act as an aggregator pole, as well as an enabler of an evolutionary process also in a sustainable key, in a sector characterized by extreme fragmentation.

Bonomi Spa strong of a centenary territorial tradition, represents for us the ideal company to consolidate the growth process we have planned. Our Mission is to aggregate brands with a strong territorial identity in Italy but also recognized abroad as a symbol of Made in Italy.

Caffè Bonomi Spa in Milan is present in prestigious locations such as Cucchi, Panini Durini, Pasticceria San Gregorio, God Save the Food, Grand Hotel et de Milan, Gelsomina, Marchesi, just to name a few examples of great image. To support this growth process according to the objectives we have set, we have allocated huge resources for the next 5 years, convinced that they will be able to generate exponential value in building a top-level national reality. A hub with strong brands and high perceived values ​​in specific areas, exactly as happens in the mineral water and beer market.

Caffè Bonomi S.P.A.
In 1886 Federico Bonomi, owner of a grocery store in via dei Fabbri, opened a roasting shop in Milan, in Conca del Naviglio. The skill with which he works, and blends, the best coffees in the world is appreciated throughout the city. In the first decades of the 1900s, the Bonomi roasting company supplied an increasing number of shops in the Milan area. After the war, Bonomi created new blends for BARs and a commercial structure ad hoc. Later, the company develops the Ho.Re.Ca. The quality of the blends and punctuality in distribution have become decisive growth factors.

The primary objective that we must all pursue together is to consolidate all our positions on the market, without upsetting the identities and strengths of both brands that we want to maintain and further grow. We want to pool all the experiences and best practices to be stronger, and make the next business year 2021 a year of all-round restart, after a 2020 of great sacrifices for reasons known to all, all together stronger.