If we talk of Musetti, we talk about quality.

Certifications: BRC, Bioagricert, Fairtrade, Halal, ISO 9001:2015, Haccp

Experience matters. We have been working for more than eighty years to pour every day our best in our
customers’ coffee cup. The tastiness of Musetti blends comes from the hard work of men and women who, like us, love coffee. However, even the use of the most innovative technologies helps us to keep up with the times to offer our product to its full potential, for everyone and everywhere. In the Musetti Company we don’t just control and certify quality: this path is built through a strict system of procedures ruling the choice of green coffees, the proper roasting and the composition of the right blend up to a packaging preserving the aroma.

The choice of raw materials and suppliers is essential to ensure an excellent product, and it has always been the highest priority of the Company. Each coffee we purchase is accompanied by an information sheet detailing its physical characteristics and origin. For us, however, this is not enough: our green coffee suppliers take a sample from each lot and send it to us to be analyzed, roasted and tasted. Coffee is then boarded only if the sample complies with our quality standards. The same procedure is followed in Italian harbors before coffee lots are finally delivered to the Pontenure plant. This protocol is part of our UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certification system.

Organic Certification since 2000

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UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Certification since 2002

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BRC Certification since 2005

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Fairtrade Certification since 2007

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Halal Certification since 2019

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Haccp Certification since 2019

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To this well-established certification, we now add the acknowledgement of the BRC cerfication, which represents the highest global standard for food safety. Its achievement is a fundamental step attesting our product quality and rewarding a business philosophy that has been able to uphold their values over time.

Since 2000, the Musetti Company is certified by Bioagricert for the marketing of organic coffee: a choice reflecting our commitment to the environment and respect for those customers who care deeply about this important issue.

Since 2007, the Musetti Company has been certified as Fairtrade, among the companies that guarantee the best living conditions for the producers in developing Countries. Equity and sustainability are the ethical certification as well as Musetti’s key words.

Since 2019, also Halal certification has been added to the many others. This approves every manufacturing process step according to the ranks of the Muslim religion. For the Musetti Company is another sign of open-mindedness to an increasingly global and united world.

Excellence Certifications

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