Musetti’s history starts in Piacenza more than eighty years ago and nowadays the Company is present in 60 Countries in the 5 continents.

How did we reach such a goal? Daily work, passion and sacrifice are the main ingredients of all our blends. Our love for coffee never changed in these years, fully dedicated to succeeding in our objective: pour in the cup an excellent product able to pass on to all customers our devotion. This is exactly why unique blends have been created over time to satisfy the many tastes and needs. The endless pursuit of excellence is the cornerstone of our work as proved by the several and strict controls on the whole manufacturing process, from the selection of green coffee to packaging and distribution.
The several certifications obtained over the years testify our valuable job: an objective proof of our coffees’ quality.

We are a genuine Company that believes in limpidity:

since 2016 we have implemented the new SAP Business One management system for managing all production, administrative and commercial processes. While for the fiscal year, we are using the rigorous work of the Deloitte auditing company to certify our financial statements.

Producing coffee is not just a matter of careful selection and roasting methods of raw materials.

It is atmosphere, culture, experience. Coffee is an evocative drink well suited to a wide range of various situations, because many are the things happening and told over coffee. We find coffee in musical and literary works, in painting, theatre and cinema. It is part of social rituals, at the cafeteria as at restaurant or in private life. No matter where you are: at the seaside, at the mountains or in town, in Italy or anywhere in the world; there’s always time for good coffee.
We as Musetti pay attention to the evolutions in this tradition, to all its many facets, promoting every year new events combining the world of culture and that of coffee, our great passion.