Excellent trainers

We chose to entrust our training offer to some of the best international coaches: Luigi Lupi, Chiara Bergonzi and Martina Lupi. The three teachers bring their great experience to professionals who want to keep up to date and improve their skills. But they are also available to lead newcomers who want to start exploring the coffee world with all their senses.

Luigi Lupi

First Italian Barista Champion. Latte Art Founder. SCAE Authorised Trainer and Certifier. Passionate Educator 2012, Latte Art Grading System Co-Founder.

Chiara Bergonzi

Barista, Latte Art Specialist, International Judge and Professional Consultant, Italian Latteart Championship 2012, 2013, 2014 – 1st place, World Latteart Championship 2014 (Melbourne) – 2nd place, Passionate Educator 2016.

Martina Lupi

SCAE certifications: Barista skill, Barista foundation, Barista intermediate, Brewing foundation. Trainer at Ascom of Modena for the coffee category.


Are you a professional?

Being up-to-date and able to adapt to market changes is crucial to achieving positive results in your profession. The Musetti Coffee Academy has structured a series of multidisciplinary courses and workshops exclusively aimed at coffee professionals: bartenders, restaurateurs and hoteliers will be able to deepen and improve their knowledge of the coffee world both on a theoretical and practical level, through special high-profile exercises.

Course duration: 3.5 hours

Cost: courses are free for Musetti customers. For non-customer please contact the Musetti Sales Manager..

Introduction to the coffee world, focusing on the history, the characteristics of the different plants and the different methods of coffee growing and harvesting.

Demonstrating and teaching the basic rules and parameters to obtain a perfect Espresso.

Demonstrating and teaching the grinder–doser regulation in order to correctly calibrate weight and granulometry to obtain a perfect Musetti Espresso.
Espresso coffee extraction trials.

Demonstrating and teaching the rules, parameters and technique to be used to obtain a perfect Milk Cream.
Trials of Milk foaming and Cappuccino and Latte macchiato making.

Demonstrating and teaching cleaning procedures to be carried out during the day and at the end of service for proper routine maintenance and for optimal use of equipment such as Espresso Machine, Grinder-doser, water softener, coffee / cappuccino cups.
Equipment cleaning trial.

Course aimed at the realization of coffee drinks proposed by Caffè Musetti.
Demonstrating and teaching the technique to be used to prepare the Menu.
Realization of Musetti Menus.

Demonstrating and teaching the rules and techniques used to start decorating cappuccinos. Latte Art trials to perform the first basic figures (heart-apple-leaf).
Only those who have previously attended the basic course are admitted.

In-depth technical training where participants can refine their skills in realizing more sophisticated decorations by using tools (eg.: pencil).

– Musetti Cafeteria Championships.
– Focus on chocolate for professionals in partnership with an expert.
– Course about water importance for coffee making. Brewing courses.

Coffee Lovers

Are you a coffee lover?

The coffee world is made up of aromas, sensations, modern rituals and ancient traditions. In a cup of coffee, the passion of the roasting master and the richness of the territory of the raw material melt together. Capturing all these facets is not easy but it is right here that the real pleasure of coffee is hidden. The Musetti Coffee Academy has structured specific courses, workshops and events dedicated to those who want to appreciate every nuance of coffee even without working in the coffee field.

Course duration: 3 hours (9 am to 12 am)

Cost: 50 € per person.
Until the seats are available (20 people max)

Learn how to brew the perfect coffee with the moka and the Neapolitan coffeepot.
Date: Saturday morning 11 February 2017

Everything about coffee from growing to cupping (tasting of different coffee).
Date: Saturday morning 25 February 2017

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Whether you are a professional or a coffee lover ... become a true master in coffee art!

Sign up for one of the courses at Musetti Coffee Academy and live a unique experience in the world of the most beloved beverage by the Italians.
You will discover the history, origin and variety of grains, but above all you will learn the main techniques to prepare a perfect espresso and you will prove yourself in the creation of other coffee- drinks and decorations, which will amaze not only the palates but also the eyes.
Enter now the Musetti Coffee Academy and you will find this and more!