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Selections for the Italian SCA Cup Tasters 2020 Championship

On October 25th the Musetti Coffee Academy hosted the penultimate selection stage dedicated to the Cup tasters category valid for access to the 2020 national championships, scheduled for the next Sigep in Rimini.

At the headquarters of Musetti Coffee Academy, Sca Italy partner in the organization of this stage, a large group of competitors was challenged. In the race: Simone Giordano, Serena Nobili, Davide Spinelli, Simone Cattani, Alessandro Bresciani, Giacomo Lo Cascio, Lorenzo Zucchi, Marco Nencini, Valentina Montesi, Matteo Celli, Jorge Albarracin, Davide Mazzaferro, Lino Alberini, Fabio Dotti and Nay Lin Soe.

Congratulations to all the cup tasters who came into play!
Here is who won the podium qualifying for the next Italian championships, category CUP TASTERS 🥄:

🥇First place: Fabio Dotti 8 cups out of 8 in 3’43 “88
🥈Second place: Simone Giordano 8 cups out of 8 in 5’34” 27
🥉Third place: Alessandro Bresciani 7 cups out of 8 in 4’48 “72
🏅Fourth place: Giacomo Lo Cascio 7 cups out of 8 in 6’13” 55