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Musetti Coffee Academy hosts Cup Tasting Italian semifinal

On November 8th, Musetti Coffee Academy hosts the first semifinal of the Cup Tasting Italian Championship , organized by SCA – Specialty Coffee Association. CSC – Caffè Speciali Certificati is the official sponsor. Numerous professionals of bars world and coffee lovers have crowded the large room of the modern training center and attended the competition, made up by 17 competitors.

The competition chaired by Judge Andrea Lattuada saw the participation of 17 professionists and coffee lovers, who challenged in a participatory atmosphere. The “field of play” was a long table with eight triplets of cups filled with coffee prepared in filter mode: in every coffee triad the participants had to recognize, through nose and palate, the two equal ” discarding “the third cup with a different coffee, in a maximum of 8 minutes. The aim is to identify the highest number of different cups in the shortest time.

The top three on the podium have correctly identified all 8 “different” cups in 4 ’11 “41 respectively for Rubens Gardelli, first ranked, 4’38” 54 for Valentina Montesi, second and 4’46 “50 for Fabio Dotti, third.
Moreover, they will enter the Italian Championship finals, which will take place in Rimini on January Tuesday 23rd  in Sigep 2018, including Helena Oliviero, Andrea Villa and Davide Ruzzene, respectively fourth, fifth and sixth ranked.

To help the challengers training for the Rimini final, Musetti has scheduled a training day on January 10th, 2018 in the Coffee Academy.

The Italian champion, proclaimed in Sigep, will compete at the Cup Tasters World Championship, which will take place in Dubai, during the World Coffee Events scheduled from 18th to 22nd February 2018.

Thanks to all the participants: Stefano Alessio, Alessandro Bresciani, Davide Cantoni, Roberto Cappai, Alan Caronna, Emiliano Cerbi, Gabriel Mario Cerbi, Calogero Ciulla, Mattia Curri, Fabio Dotti, Rubens Gardelli, Alberto Lupi, Noelia Silvana Cerbi, Valentina Montesi , Helena Oliviero, Davide Ruzzene, Andrea Villa.