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The Musetti Coffee Academy becomes SCA Premier Training Campus

Training, passion and quality of raw materials

With the beginning of 2018 the Musetti Coffee Academy has obtained an important certification from SCA, becoming Premier Training Campus.

SCA, Specialty Coffee Association, is the world association for the promotion of excellence in the coffee world: authoritative and dynamic, it is a reference point for all coffee professionals, from producers, to trainers, to companies, to baristas. (

An Academy certified Premier Training Campus SCA is by definition a reality able to offer services of proven superior quality, such as location, equipment and training program.

Obtaining the Premier Training Campus SCA certification means meeting all the top quality requirements needed and being able to offer a unique learning environment.

In Italy, there are very few Centers that have obtained such certification. Moreover, among these companies, only three, including the Musetti Coffee Academy, are certified as Premier Training Campus Sca for all modules: Barista, Brewing, Sensory, Green Coffee & Roasting.

For Musetti it is an important and stimulating goal: it is not only a result of prestige but also the evidence of the seriousness and competence of the trainers and of the Company itself.