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Musetti italian expresso il looking for business partners
Caffè Musetti, historical roaster based in Piacenza, in the North of Italy not far from Milan, ranked in the top players of the Italian market according to the main economic and qualitative parameters, celebrates in 2014 its 80th anniversary. It is about the tradition of the Musetti family, now at its third generation, fully devoted to the production of high quality espresso since ever.
In spite of the general economic trends of the last years, the Company has steadily kept on investing and has progressively consolidated its growth, marketing its products in over 60 Countries worldwide.

To implement its business development strategy, Musetti is looking for:


and is willing to get in touch with sales’ organizations well introduced in the horeca and retail F&B market segments of each Country, interested in high quality Italian espresso coffee.

All organizations in line with the requisites are invited to submit their profiles to the following form: